Dee the Duck and the Treasure Box

What is a True Treasure?

Join a young duckling on her quest to discover what her heart values. Will Dee the Duck learn the answer when she receives a special gift from her grandmother and grandfather? 

Meet Dee’s grandparents, Grampa and Grammy, when she travels with them for a weekend trip to the country. Learn practical lessons as Dee explores making sweet memories to keep. What reminders of her short vacation will she add to her special treasure box?

DEE THE DUCK AND THE TREASURE BOX is an entertaining bedtime story written and illustrated by Kathleen E. Deisher. The Treasure Box is the first introduction to Dee the Duck and her adventures and exploits. Delightful pictures by the author help children understand the joy in helping others and appreciate the blessings found in multi-generational family settings. Celebrate the unique relationship between grandparents and grandchildren in this read-aloud book.

Watch beginning readers have fun with repetition and learn prepositions in this duck family tale. It will inspire children to read as they help identify the things Dee gathers. Early readers may even discover blessings their hearts will treasure.

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